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by Rob Taylor. Published January 4, 2011.

This is a general contact form that will send an email to the team. For a direct email address, or a postal address to send review items (or just nice presents to) please check our about page.

IF YOU HAVE NEWS, REVIEWS or a PR PERSON with a STORY – check out our new STORY SUBMISSION SERVICE here which allows you to submit DIRECT to our editors!!!

Please ensure your contact information is correct or we will not be able to reply!


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Our postal address, for sending anything you like to – hopefully something interesting – is as follows, you can send complaints, formal requests, CDs / demos to review, prizes and winning lottery tickets to:
122 Chester Road
LL11 2SN

We do get a fair volume of post and email, and sadly there is only so many hours in the day (less if there is a gig to go to) so if we are a little slow to reply now you know why!

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