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Posts Tagged ‘Almost Famous’

How To: Start Your Own Music Press

 The distribution of local music press is an art form that has been carried out for decades, across the world, and permeating through different genres and cultures.

Music press is a great way to get your opinion out there (usually without much argument from a higher entity within your community), as well as produce a piece of work which people enjoy reading. This creation of your own… Continue reading

Published: Friday, April 10th, 2009 written by Mel Clarke

Uber Fandom and Music Obsessions

There comes a time in almost every music fans life, where they become uberfans. You know the type: The ones that plaster their walls with their posters, or refuse to listen to any other band than ‘theirs’. They’re the ones that scrawl the bands name on every single book, piece of furniture, and even public property they can see. They’re the ones that cut their hair, change their style, and… Continue reading

Published: Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 written by Mel Clarke